Serial killer Michael Savage (Ben Stewart) wraps his victims' heads with gauze, later telling his shrink that he wants to become a mummy upon dying. Michael's first victim is his stepfather, whose strangling is shown in a flashback. Then on October 19, 2005, Michael abducts a young woman--Jennifer (Elissa Dowling)--by shoving her into the back of a box truck. He takes her to a black-painted locker room which includes a victim's chair, a tool rack, and an ornately golden-framed mirror in which Michael's mother is constantly shown craning her head around to get a better view of the action. (Mom is NOT in the locker room with Michael; she's only watching in the mirror.) Michael eventually strangles Jennifer, wrapping her head in gauze, but a bar bouncer is arrested for this murder by the bumbling cops. Michael then abducts another young woman, Carrie, and beats her to death by hitting her in the face. When she's dead, he uncovers her breasts, wraps her head in gauze, and abuses the wrapped head with a power drill. Michael is next shown talking to his shrink (Bud Watson). Michael's third target is red-headed Rita Moore, an art student from Maine. He cuts her throat with a butcher's knife, and takes a pick-ax to her head after wrapping it in gauze. After scanning the sidewalks for potential victims with his binoculars during the daytime, Michael snatches up a fourth young woman after dark and kills her by sawing the throat of her bound body with a hand saw. After wrapping her dead head, he attacks it with a hatchet. Michael suffocates his fifth young female victim with a plastic bag, and cuts the wrapped head of her corpse with a hand saw. Michael's last shown victim is New York U. student Angela Picasso (Pia Pownall), an architecture student who is killed with multiple hatchet blows. After wrapping Angela's head, Michael saws AND hatchets it. The film ends with Michael saying he was born February 1, 1982, in Camden, NJ, and that he wants to become a mummy when he dies. &nbsp
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